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Tools and Resources to Grow your Real Estate Business...



The Real Estate Toolkit was originally established as a shared database to organize tools, tips, information and resources to Realtors partnered with The Lehman Group. 


When we decided to make the information more easily available online, we also decided to make it public so that it would be accessible to all Real Estate Agents interested in growing their businesses. 

We hope Realtors see value in what we provide, and utility in partnering with a lender who is committed to their success, but even if you already have a lender you like, please feel free to use anything available.  

We hope it helps you do a lot more business!

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Files and Packages
Financial Data


Download links, documents, prospecting tools, business development and hiring documentation, job descriptions, profit and loss worksheets, and other valuable information.


Listen to the RET Podcast for access to information and ideas from marketing and business experts; Q&A sessions with Underwriters and Appraisers; Top Producer Spotlights, etc...


Check out and subscribe to our blog for market updates, rates updates, information on loan guidelines and problem solving tips, as well as other useful content to help you advise your clients.


Do you want to get a much better idea of how to use some of the tools and documents on the site?  Heard a great podcast episode with a guest and want to learn more about their processes?  

We've organized a bunch of "how to" videos into online courses on a number of topics.  All you have to do is register, they are all completely free and easy to follow along with.  

Documentation and tools are all linked in the courses themselves, so you can download them as you go, as well as any workbooks or tools associated with the course.  

Black and White Library


Over the years we've amassed a pretty substantial amount of books, courses, etc.  Topics include Real Estate, Business Building, Personal Growth and Professional Development, Investment, Personal Finance, Motivation, Leadership, Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc... 


We have a book exchange program.  Click on the link below for the list of books available.  If you would like to read one, we will mail it out to you, or you can come by our Carlsbad office and pick it up.  When you're done - shoot it back to us. 


If you'd like a recommendation, we'd love to make one, and if you have a recommendation for the library, or have books you'd like to share, please let us know and we will add them to the list!   

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